Historic turning point for those who have a relative with Alzheimer’s disease. After the historic decision of the Supreme Court, the class action has already started. Families, who have found themselves alone to face the disease and who have paid almost two thousand euros a month for years to guarantee assistance to relatives with Alzheimer’s, are now asking to be compensated.

The Supreme Court, in fact, has established that the costs must be borne by the state. Consequently, the Lazio Region now risks having to reimburse thousands of citizens for the cost of hospitalization of the fees in the nursing homes. In agreeing with the daughter of an elder, the Civil Court of Rome sentenced the Region to compensate the woman for the expenses incurred during the period in which the father was hospitalized. According to the judges, the costs for the care of patients suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, in fact, must be entirely borne by the national health system, without burdening patients and family members. Alzheimer’s: almost 5 thousand requests for help in 17, half in Lombardy.

The decision

The decision of the Court is based on a Piazza Cavour ruling, which established the impossibility of distinguishing, in the case of Alzheimer’s, between “the shares of a health nature (paid by the Region) and those of a welfare nature (paid by patients ), given the close correlation, with a clear prevalence of the former “. Translated: the costs of the stay in RSA, in this case, are fully borne by the State. Alzheimer’s disease is the most common cause of dementia (it accounts for 60% of all cases).

Source: Italian Affairs

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