Alessandra Beltramo law firm is situated in Turin city centre, Via Cavour No. 19, and offers its assistance and legal consultancy trough:

        1. Judicial and extra-judicial litigation proceedings;
        2. Assistance in the conciliation, mediation and transaction processes;
        3. Drafting of agreements for individuals and companies;
        4. Assistance in the event of legal separation, divorce, custody of children, refusal of paternity and any other dispute related to the family and the children;
        5. Drafting of professional legal opinion;
        6. Assistance in court proceedings, whether ordinary or not, before any court and at any stage;
        7. Defence within the criminal proceedings, for the accused one and for the victim of the crime;
        8. Free Legal Aid for people with limited means.

For the protection of people with limited means, Alessandra Beltramo is registered in the list of the lawyers qualified for the legal aid at the expenses of the State.

The free legal aid applies both in the civil proceedings and the voluntary jurisdiction (such as consensual separation or divorce). Admission to legal aid is valid at any state of the proceeding and before any court. The same rules apply with reference to public and tax proceedings.

The legal aid application is preferred to be filed in with the lawyer, provided that the requirements to get the Free Legal Aid should be carefully considered in order to avoid the rejection by the Bar Council at which is will be filed. In particular, the evaluation of the income of the individual or the family unit requesting the legal aid should be done carefully and it requires knowledge of Legal Aid laws and the relevant case-law.

The Bar Council then decides whether the application fits the requirements and, if it deems so, it issues the decision on the admission of the application, within 30 days, and it sends a copy of such decision to the interested party, the judge and the Revenues Office, for the verification of the declared income.

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